Professional Development

Because NAPG is committed to professional development for its members and for the field of gerontology, NAPG credentials are renewed every two years by completion of 20 hours of professional development activities.

Professional development activities may include documented presentations and participation in national and regional professional gerontology meetings or conferences at the level of double time for presentations and hour-for-hour for attendance. NAPG accepts CEUs offered by state-approved providers of continuing education. The majority of the course content must be in the field of aging. NAPG's CEU offerings (see below for course listings) may be used to satisfy the professional development requirement in full or in part. Publication in peer-reviewed journals in the field of aging satisfies the professional development requirement for one two-year period.

NAPG Course Offerings

NAPG Continuing Education courses are arranged in 1-6 hour modules for NAPG credential renewal. Cost is just $10. per credit hour. For example, a 5-hour course will cost $50. Courses are offered in PDF format and are sent directly to each member via e-mail. Information on how to register, and a link for the downloadable registration form, follow the course schedules and descriptions below. (Click here to go directly to "How to Register for NAPG CE Courses.")

Course Descriptions:
Course Number Title
102 Men as Caregivers This course is an overview of specific issues of men as caregivers. Topics include changing roles, research, future projections, and resources relating to men as caregivers. (5 hrs) (Click here to register)
105 Stereotypes of Aging This unit discusses the concepts of positive, neutral and negative stereotyping of the aging population. Using images from the media, literature and popular culture, ageism will be discussed. (2 hrs) (Click here to register)
106 Leadership The term "leadership" is open to many interpretations. Most of us have some sort of leadership experience. In school, in our personal lives, in our careers, most of us have found ourselves in charge of a project. When you are responsible for the outcome of a task, and have to complete that task with more than one person, you are a leader. Whether you are a good leader, or not, largely depends on your personality, your experience and your understanding of human nature. This unit will spend time discussing the various types of leadership roles you may be required to take and the tasks that you will be performing as part of our profession. (5 hrs) (Click here to register)
108 Health of Older Women This unit analyzes the uniqueness of older women's health needs. Topics focus on gender differences, activities of daily living, caregiver role, economics, self-care, and long-term care. (5 hrs) (Click here to register)
109 Caregiver Issues This unit covers strategies for providing effective care for the elderly, including how it is complicated by dementia, role reversal, and guilt. Common sense strategies for caregiving that not only meet the needs of the elderly but also lessen the caregiving burden are explained. (5 hrs) (Click here to register)
How to Register for NAPG CE Courses

If you are interested in taking a course, please print out, complete and return the registration form. (Opens a downloadable PDF file in a separate window). Send the form and course fees to:

Donna Schafer, NAPG Executive Director
808 Samantha Ct.
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Once your registration materials have been received, course content will be delivered to you electronically as an email attachment in PDF format.

After finishing the course, you will be asked to complete a final assignment that will be sent to Donna Schafer, Executive Director, NAPG at: Once your assignment has been received and evaluated, a course completion certificate will be sent to you via email.

How to Obtain Credit for Other Professional Development Activities

Please provide copies of CEU attendance certificates or course content from course providers other than NAPG. For conference or professional meeting attendance/presentations, please provide agendas or descriptive material from the conference that indicates content and duration of session(s). For publications, please provide reprint or citation. Send materials, along with a $20 processing fee, to:

Donna Schafer, NAPG Executive Director
808 Samantha Ct.
Healdsburg, CA 95448

(If NAPG CEU courses are used to satisfy any part of the 20 hour professional development requirement, the $20 processing fee is waived.)

Enrollment or documentation questions may be directed to Donna Schafer, NAPG Executive Director, at: