Your membership helps to further the mission of NAPG to promote and credential the education of professionals in the field of Gerontology. The support you provide enables NAPG to spread the word to employers that credentialed members have the essential education and experience to provide high quality services to our older adult population.

NAPG's presence at gerontology conferences and meetings raises the profile of professional gerontologists and attracts prospective students to the field. Membership in NAPG allows you to join in our networking activities held around the United States in association with national and regional professional meetings.

NAPG's advocacy efforts on behalf of a credentialed, professional workforce are intended ultimately to improve the lives of our older citizens. Join us in advancing the work of professionalizing gerontology by joining NAPG as a regular or student member.

Regular memberships are renewed every two years by completing 20 hours of professional development activities (click Professional Development for details). If a student member has not completed his/her academic program after the initial two-year period of student membership, the student member may apply for renewal by submitting current transcripts along with the application/renewal processing fee.

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