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   September 21, 2013

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"92-Year-Old World War II Vet Avoids Eviction By Daughter"
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“Older adults gauge their partner's feelings through knowing, not seeing”
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“Aging process reversed with positive lifestyle changes”
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"Sisters Face Death With Dignity and Reverence”
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"Sensors Help Keep the Elderly Safe, and at Home"
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“U.S. to Include Home Care Aides in Wage and Overtime Law”

   April 15, 2013

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"The largest directory of Senior Discounts. Now over 250,000 Listings"
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“What causes falls in the elderly?”
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"Honoring Older Adults Technology Services on the Occasion of Opening the Senior Planet Exploration Center”
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"Combined Physical and Mental Activities Good for Thinking Skills in Older Adults"
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“Aging Related Meetings Calendar”

   March 11, 2013

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"Launches New Website"
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“Fear of Falling”
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“Best Places To Retire for Under $40,000”
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"Senior Discount Directory”
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"Comparing the Generations’ Expectations for Retirement."
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“Seniors Learning Skype”

   February 27, 2013

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"Can weather really make arthritis pain worse?"
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“Mark Kozelek Confronts Aging and Change at L.A. Solo Show”
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“Coming soon to the USA, Extreme Makeover, Long Term Care Edition”
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"AARP and WHO Promote Age-Friendly Communities”
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"AD PD 2013-11th Annual International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease & Parkinson’s Disease"
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“Handi-van’s aging fleet brings complaints from riders.”

   February 17, 2013

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"World health Organization Names Brookline to Age-Friendly Network"
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“Making Cities Healthy For Everyone-Euoropean Mayors Share Experiences.”
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“Following aging news from the UK and beyond.”
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"Overcoming the Generational Divide in the Workplace”
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"Hibernation may slow ageing"
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“Pope’s Resignation Highlights Ageing Dilemma”

   February 10, 2013

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"The Sandwich Generation, Rising Financial Burdens for Middle-Aged Americans"
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“Despite Reported Dislike, Older Readers Put In Less Effort When Using e-Readers”
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“Rodent Study Suggests Alzheimer’s Drug Is Getting Closer”
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"Aging Cells Lose Their Grip On DNA Rogues.”
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“Staying Connected to Friends and Family”

   January 28, 2013

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"Glen Campbell Forgetful but in fine musical form, Concert Review"
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“Senior Housing Admits That ‘Aging in Place’ is the First Choice”
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“An inclusive and responsive membership organization comprised of all types of philanthropies with a common dedication to improving the experience of aging.”
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"Major Aging Conferences 2013” including United States, Prague and Seoul.”
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"Gerontology Conferences Worldwide."
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“Make Me Old-Face Aging Booth-Attic Android”

   January 5, 2013

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“Germany Accused of Inhumane Deportation of Its Sick and Elderly To Save Money”
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“The Big Idea Coming In 4 Minutes-Coming of Age In Aging America”
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“Leading Grandparent and Kinship Care advocate to Host January 31st  Orlando Fearless Caregiver Conference.”
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Free Webinar, “Helping Caregivers Deal With Hearing Loss.”