Why Credential?

"Credentialing professionals in the field of gerontology will legitimize gerontology as a discipline and as a profession. It will ensure a level of academic quality and professional practice that will benefit purchasers of services, older people, government agencies, case managers, and the general public" (Lubben, Connelly, Peterson and Gilford).

Current and Planned Benefits of Your NAPG Credential :

  • Recognizes and validates your academic and professional preparation
  • Ensures society that you hold a core body of knowledge in the field of gerontology
  • Links you to currency in the field and job listings
  • Connects you through a dedicated list serve
  • Offers you opportunities to earn CEUs taught by professional gerontologists
  • Includes you in a national web-based directory of professionals in the field of gerontology
  • The organization offers two ways to obtain a NAPG credential: by demonstrating academic preparation from an accredited institution of higher education or by successfully passing a credentialing examination at the requested level. Please see the "How It Works" link.

    Examinations are offered in conjunction with national gerontology conferences and conventions and at selected sites.

    NAPG credentials are renewed every two years by completion of professional development activities such as on-line NAPG CEU courses, documented presentations and participation in national and regional professional gerontology meetings, or publications in the field of aging.


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